Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limits to the number of times you can visit a dentist however there is a financial limit for dental care.  The number of times will depend on whether the treatment charges are up to your dental limit.
When that happens, you need to call any of our Hotline numbers on your membership card. Going home or calling your HR would not help since service providers always deny knowledge of turning members away. When you call any of the Hotline numbers, we would be able to assist you with the relevant information. It turns out false in most cases, so kindly call whiles you are still at the facility in question so that we assist you.
Because that is a strong proof that the prescription was given to you by the facility in question. Signed and stamped prescription helps in quick service delivery since pharmacies would not have to go back and forth with the member provided the drug is not exclusion on our list. Kindly note that accredited Pharmacies would not supply drugs on prescription forms that are not signed and stamped. Signed only or stamped only is not enough, it has to be both.
No, Each member has his or her own benefit. One benefit cannot supplement the other. It is against the ethics of insurance
The law provides for a member of a scheme to elect to transfer his/her accrued benefits to another registered scheme when he/ she changes employment, and both the previous employer and the trustees of that scheme are obliged to comply in effecting the transfer and the necessary notifications.
No, you have to hand over your membership card to your HR. However if you are still interested in our health plan, kindly call any of the Hotline numbers for assistance.
You need to call any of the hotlines right away for assistance. This is necessary because Metropolitan pay for all prescribed drugs no matter the cost so long as the member has enough benefits to cover and the drug is not exclusion on our list.

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